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Creative Design Ideas To Enhance Your Website

Find out how you can overhaul your website with these simple design techniques!

Have you ever stumbled upon a website and closed the tab almost immediately because you didn’t like what you saw? Yes I have. Website design tremendously does matter, especially in today’s day and age of the so called modern internet age.

There are plenty thousands of stunning beautiful websites on the internet right now. It is really necessary to have a website which is not only being developed professionally and efficiently but also in terms of the design aspects, there are several creative techniques you can incorporate to attract and prolong your users engagement more!

User Interactive

One of the main natural elements for us is that we tend to be more associated, connected, intrigued etc when there is some form of input from us which cause some changes in our surroundings for example. We can take this simple but effective methodology into a creative approach by having an active approach compared to a passive website approach.

This can range from anything that gives some freedom, power and the experience to users when they visit your site. For example by not just spurting information across your webpage for instance, you can engage the user by moving their cursor on some relevant object which then reveals the appropriate information with animations.

The main gist of this creative idea is to find ways on how you can make your website more intuitive to your audience and users. Don’t just place texts, images etc. Be bold and try to spice it up!

Original Artefacts

This will also be a main driving factor to users and potential clients when they visit your site and find original artefacts. These can range from anything like original font types used, graphics used, product photos etc. This would then set you apart from your competitors and bring about the seriousness about you and your business in this industry. Try to understand the fact that such these small things really do go a very long way in the industry and the reputation users and your clients will have towards you.

Intrigue Your Visitors

Main purpose here to find a way to intrigue and capture the attention of any user and/or potential client trying to visit your website. You have to understand that the average attention span these days for the modern tech world is nothing more than 3 seconds based on research. Therefore, one of the best places to start would be your landing homepage.

You can try a minimalistic creative approach by limiting the text contents on that page and with a respective choice of background (moving or static). However the main purpose here is to intrigue the user by engaging them to input scroll. Therefore this would the later reveal subtly and aesthetically all the relevant information. It does certainly requires a little bit of work however makes it more memorable and engaging comparatively to other normal sites.

Dare To Be Colourful

Yes there are people and users who prefer minimalist colours, however sometimes you can indeed break some rules and nothing wrong in adding a bit of life. For example, some creative agencies make use of colourful palettes in their website to showcase their personality. Have a good designer, brainstorm and see how certain colours go with others etc. Try to make your website stand out by making use of the colour palette and as long as you choose the colours wisely and they look beautiful together, it’s a job done!

Moving Image Background

Now this is a technique becoming increasingly popular. By having a moving image background or simply a silent video in the backdrop of either your landing homepage or inner pages etc. For example, take a look at Mediaboom. They are a creative agency and their website actually does quite the justice of representing who they are.

This may not be necessarily distracting for the user presented with the information and CTA buttons on the site. As we can see from the example, the texts and CTAs are in contrast colours to the moving image background and they have adapted quite a good colour scheme palette choice. Now this is creativity at its finest!

Parallax Scrolling

Regular scrolling is fine too, however as mentioned, we need to find interesting and creative methods to enhance our websites. Parallax scrolling is whereby the website changes and alters slightly or completely depending on the design, it can be used to signify or tell a story.

For example check out this website Make Your Money Matter. This is a good example of a business that has used parallax scrolling on their website. Basically they have made it very creative by narrating an interesting short story about their products/services and common questions asked. By this way, users are not only intrigued and glued to their sites, but they have achieved to stand out from their competitors by living in their minds with this unique creative technique. What would have been sounded dry and boring over simple text and paragraph has been transformed into something totally engaging. Now this is creativity at its finest!

Gamify Your Website!

As the title reads, there is a way for gamification of your websites. Just like how in games, we reach certain checkpoints, level up slowly and in the end we complete a game. It gives a sense of accomplishment, something incredible you have achieved etc.

One such good example would be Dropbox. They have been using this gamification method on their website to encourage users to start and continue using their products and services. In exchange for this, users are then presented with rewards like free upgrades on their cloud storage etc. This whole concept of gamification is more psychological that technical. Even though you are not engaging the users to compete against one another, the personal desire to achieve and beating own records makes us all feel good.

Virtual Reality

This is an emerging technology and soon many business and companies would start to take up these. So better you get a heads start on this to incorporate this fragment of creative method onto your website.

For example, if you are running an creative agency, art gallery or you can choose to enhance the creativeness of your site to incorporate a virtual tour of your office space. This would in return give users firstly a more engaging time on your site, secondly to know and learn more about your business through the virtual tour. Finally this would also leave them having the urge and mind to come visit your business in person.

Agora Gallery is one such company that makes use of this creative technique on their website. Users are presented with option and the list of the various virtual tours available for them to view & indulge in. This would certainly intrigue for potential clients who are on the verge of visiting the store physically, but already having a background glimpse of what to expect.

Take the above suggested creative techniques as a guideline and not necessarily all have to be used to make your site stand out. Choose wisely in accordance with your business and company personality and this would in return surely enhance your website. 

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