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Impacts of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources to anyone who has access, how has this impacted the world?

Yes, cloud computing has taken the world by storm. Even though the notion of the concept for the network-based computing dates back to the 1960s, and progressively gained its development through the 1990s, it was officially given the term and the first actual use of Cloud Computing in the modern context was said to have occurred in the year 2006.

The fundamental concept or the ideology behind Cloud Computing is that the location, types of hardware, operating systems, the specifications on which it is all running are all largely irrelevant to the end user. Cloud Computing is basically delivering the on-demand products/services to end users – from applications to storage and processing power, which then is typically done over the internet and as a pay-as-you-go basis.

This form of Cloud Computing is then achieved by rather having the actual infrastructure, hardware, data centres etc, companies/businesses can rent to anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider and
then channel their products/services to end users which can be accessed through the internet.

Now that we are familiar with the origins and the introductory brief to Cloud Computing, let us take a look at the impacts this has on our society.

Social Impact
The amount of recognition, clout, likes that you receive across your social media platforms has been widely been a testimony to how you are interacting with other users over the internet. From the most remote location in the world to the global center stage, any event reach all corners of the world today by the push of the button. It can also be safe to say that, every person with access with a smartphone, device, computer can be claimed as an instant reporter in these “citizen journalist” times.

However as there are two sides to a coin, there are and will be two ways this can affect all of us in the world. Due to the nature of this instant world we are living in, and how live news feeds are constantly streaming into the media and so on, at times sparking social upheavals. Yes it has certainly also helped many of us to reunite with our long forgotten loved ones, childhood friends, acquaintances and so on with the explosion of social networking sites kindling us to connect with one another. One such primary giant example is Facebook.

It has also deeply rooted into politics as well, it is now increasingly popular for politicians and also public figures to turn towards cloud computing engines like Twitter to get the feel of the community and also to share, express and converse their views and opinions more.

Taking these developments of Cloud Computing has certainly elevated the social media spaces and platforms to get better insights on potential services, innovations and customer requirements.

Some countries have been implementing these Cloud Computing solutions into their education sector as early as Cloud Computing started to roll out in the 1990s. Now seeing the plentiful advantages these fetch, many more countries are also instilling these into their educational institutions.

  • The ability it gives to students to access the data from anywhere in the world, anytime, to get themselves enrolled in classes, engaged in group activities etc.
  • Moulding the existing business automation process to streamline subscriptions, assignment tracking, live presentations all significantly reducing the costs.
  • Allows the institutional body to leverage the storage cloud to store the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day securely without any need of an infrastructure.
  • Makes it easier and benefits the whole idea of billing and charging for activities related within the institution.

Having said the above positive impacts on how it has uplifted on the Education sector for the existing developed countries. Cloud Computing also serves as a forefront for under developed and developing nations by providing instant access to websites dispensing educational materials and cloud knowledge-sharing materials. All you need is a simple internet connection and there you have it!

Job Opportunities
Many experts also believe and speculate the rise in the “cloud services” and in return will be the central focus of the economic activity in the Software market. The US economy has also released statements that it will benefit greatly by investing in this Cloud Computing enterprise for up to $3 trillion in GDP and 8 million new job opportunities by 2025.

6 strong sectors of which to note:
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Social Media
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Agriculture

Actually there are several reasons to why Cloud Computing is so popular and gaining so much pace in the healthcare industry. Similar to the educational aspect, there are several key factors to why the information and data is being optimized and used effectively and in return strongly enhancing the entire system overall.

  • It serves as a portal and helps the medical professionals and/or patients to actively check on the status or follow ups for non-siloed patient data.
  • Furthermore, it helps to reduce the overall operational costs to run a separate entity infrastructure for data storage.
  • Allows for both medical team of professionals and patients to access all the said information and private data through devices.
  • This then allows real time communication and faster responses between the medical team and patients at the comfort their own times & use of personal devices.

Many experts are speculating that healthcare will also be used more effectively and elevating the industry into the billion dollar region through the use of Cloud Computing.

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