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Why Should One Have A DevOps Expert In A Team?

Reasons behind the rise in demand for DevOps consultants!

For starters, what does it exactly mean to be a DevOps consultant or an expert? DevOps engineers are basically a handful of skilled and strongly influential individuals who encapsulates their knowledge and expertise into their workplace & team. With their years of rich experience and hands on experience they have accumulated over various open source technologies and tools, they are indeed to being in very valuable key positions for advice for any company or team embarking on an IT related project.

Starting with the design attributes to the process of development and finally to support the production. This then brides the cooperation from both the professionals in the Information Technology in the management of environment of production with also the professionals responsible for software deployment.

The whole basic idea and principle of the need of an DevOps expert in a team is such that it not only has strong attractions with Lean and Agile approaches but to combine the highest level of practice available in order to formulate the best solution possible to real life issues.

DevOps has also tremendously increased itself in aspects of demand within the Information Technology sector. For example, from a survey conducted in recent years, DevOps easily topped the charts indicating they were more in recognition and sought after skillset, even placing itself above cloud certifications, machine learning etc.

Here are the top skills in demand citied in the survey:
DevOps – 64%
Cloud Certifications – 61%
Industry Domain Knowledge – 56%
Development – 50%
Data Science – 47%
Machine Learning – 44%

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why it will probably be a good idea for you to get a DevOps expert into your team.

  1. Shorter Development Process = Greater Opportunities Faster Innovations

Usually in many companies the development and the operation teams will be working in separate silos. Therefore this would result in a difficult position for everyone especially the ones in the operation team to determine if an application is ready. Furthermore, the situation gets complicated when the development team simply turns over a particular application and this causes major setback in terms of the project duration.

Now with the help and guidance of a DevOps expert, this issue is greatly solved. First and foremost, the separate working structure is abolished and now both the teams work seamlessly. This would allow for a greater efficiency and applications are now then effectively and are produced quickly. This is really crucial as it’s an edge over your competitors because everyone is striving to deliver the products in the shortest amount of time possible.

Studies also indicate that by following this method of shorter development processes greatly increases the completion of applications and putting them in markets by at least 60% more than traditional methods used in the past.

2. Lower Deployment Failures, Rollbacks and Opportunities for Recovering

Most common deployment failures faced by teams are usually due to the defects in the programming. This may suggest for teams to overlook the defects after going through several hundred hours of manhours spent to produce the product. However this will be greatly solved by DevOps, mainly due to the shorter development process. This directly transcends to more frequent releases hence teams can spot defects and amend them more easily and quickly.

Furthermore now teams can lower the frequency set for the deployment failures using agile programming principals that greatly involves collaboration and modular programming. Now due to this nature, rollbacks are also reduced and more efficiently managed because, when necessary only certain or some modules will be affected.

Time to recover is greatly crucial in this industry, because failures are often expected from some components. However this is also positively influenced as the time taken to recover will be greatly reduced as DevOps has been a bridge to both the development and operational teams. This results in a greater understanding, communication as they have been exchanging ideas from the start of the project.

3. Improved Collaboration and Communication

One of the main reasons to why getting a DevOps expert to your team will be a good idea is that they really do greatly impact the whole project by improving the overall collaboration by being the bridge as communication is also taken a notch up further. This results in the teams working seamlessly without much confusions and with a clear direction.

Moreover the teams all work efficiently towards the whole performance of their product rather than individual goals. Increased communication between teams also suggests of greater trust and inspiration and eventually leading to more innovative collaborative ideas. Teams will now be more focused in developing the product into the market but however their KPIs should be structured accordingly.

4. Increased Efficiency

On the whole, increased efficiency basically aids to speed up the whole project process and resulting in less prone errors. A veteran DevOps expert will also help in automating simple time consuming tasks. For example, continuous integration can be automated with the process of testing codes etc. This then reduces the manual labour required from software development team where now they can focus on other aspects of the project which can be aided with automated coding.

Another reason DevOps experts do is that they introduce the use of acceleration tools that will eventually aid in rising the efficiency of the whole project. For example:

  • Cloud-based platforms, which are commonly known as scalable infrastructures, increases the access the team has to hardware materials. This then results in speeding up of the testing and deployment operations.
  • As mentioned above, DevOps experts can also build acceleration tools for test codes that would result in greater efficiency as it can be used to compile codes more quickly.
  • Parallel workflow is greatly enhanced, hence resulting in a more efficient project delivery time schedule, rather than one team waiting for the other to finish up etc.
  • DevOps experts channels the entire project and handles them in one single environment basis. This would mean the time taken for traditional methods of working in various environment results in useless time consuming tasks like transferring data etc are all gotten rid of.

5. Reduced Costs

This may be attractive to some companies or start-ups that may operate more in cost benefit methodologies. For example, all of the DevOps benefits directly translates to lesser and reduced overall costs and the headcount even required from the various departments.

Recent surveys have concluded saying that, hiring and having a solid DevOps team in your company could result in a 35% lesser staff and 30% lower IT costs overall.

Giving all of the reasons on why you should probably hire a DevOps expert to you team.

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