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Which Coding Platform To Select For A Project?

Questions to ask yourself before choosing the right platform for your next project!

What is coding? Coding, in its very simplest form, is like basically telling a computer what to do in a step by step, detailed procedure if we put it that way. Yes computers have become really smart and intuitive these days, however no computer is of great use out of the box, meaning to say without any input commands from human beings like us.

For example, there are several smart phones, tablets, super computers etc, yes they are all given the terminology “smart” after the inputs from us. They are not clever, however they are very obedient when it comes to following commands from our inputs.

There are several coding platforms available in today’s world and current trend. Code is so powerful that almost we are interacting with codes in our everyday lives. From simple operations like microwaving your hot tea, to your calculators, your smart home, garage doors etc. coding is and has become so in line with our everyday lives. In the next 10 years or so, it is also estimated that a huge demand for software developers will be at bay. Many believe that coding could be easy known as the literacy of the 21st century. Can you imagine a world without code?

Now comes the crucial part. You have gotten a project, however you are at the crossroads and unsure about which coding platform to choose. As said mentioned earlier on, there are several coding platforms available in today’s world. I believe you should be able to know all if not most of the worlds popular coding platforms that is being used widely.

Choosing a language platform for your project is very much different that choosing one to learn for the first time. Yes there are some widely popular languages that are dominating the coding scene for quite some time and we just have to adapt to them. However, you still have some room left for freedom to choose on the platform.

If chosen wisely, your coding platform will positively impact the main constraints you may deal with your project, For example, time, budget, maintainability, resources etc. Below is the list of the widely chosen languages ranking from the top to showcase it’s popularities.

Now ask yourself these important questions before making up your mind on selecting the coding platform.

  1. What are the clients requirements? For Web, Mobile, Apps etc?
  2. Are the clients specifying a choice of coding platform in particular?
  3. Will there be any additional hardware or software requirements for any new coding platforms suggested?
  4. Are there proper ecosystem supports readily available for the chosen coding platform?
  5. Does the chosen coding platform have access to all the industry standard plugins, tools, features, libraries etc and third party tools?
  6. Will I be able to execute the delivery in the chosen platform or do I need to hire someone else?
  7. Will the performance of the project be met with the chosen language platform?
  8. Are there any downsides of choosing this platform and what are they?
  9. Will there be any foreseeable interface issues regarding upstream & downstream systems?
  10. Are there any vulnerable security concerns with the chosen platform?

Just at a glance of the widely used coding platforms for the following applications.

Web Applications: JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, HTML/CSS, TypeScript
Mobile Applications: Swift, Java, JavaScript, Object-C
Operating Systems: C, C++
Distributed Systems: Go
Enterprise Applications: Java, C#, C++, Erlang
Analytics & Machine Learning: Python, R, Java, C#
Math & Scientific Computing: MATLAB, FORTRAN, ALGOL, APL, Julia, R, C++
Data Visualisation: Python, R, Java, C#
Big Data: Java, Python, R, Scala, Clojure
Data Storage: SQL, C#, Java, Python

Hopefully with these information suggested above will give you a more clarity on choosing the right coding platform for your next project. Take note of the guideline questionaries provided & the overview of how the various platforms are being used in the world today and you will have a more comprehensive approach when it comes to deciding the right platform. By critiquing as such, you be able to be more confident in making the right platform choices and finally to exceed your clients expectations and their business needs.

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